A Sunset Over The Lake.


A big part of working well. Accomplishing well. Creating is stopping. Just stop everything. Set the To Do list aside. Set down the pen. Close the laptop. Push back your desk chair and walk out. Walk away from it. Leave your phone behind. Don’t bring music because nature will supply that for you. And sometimes…silence is the music needed.

Walk outside. Open your mind to what is there. Hear the crunch of the pone needles underneath your feet. Feel the hard packed clay Earth give way to sand, your feet slide a little with each step.

Smell the pine needles. The Earth…wet after rain. Ripe with years of fallen needles and leaves composting to feed and nurture and strengthen the dirt, the Earth, beneath your feet.

Hear the birds. Their mating calls that keep them thriving, alive, coming back. Their migration. See their flight. Their stance. Watch them catch a fish. Flint from tree branch to tree branch in darting quick bright colors.

Feel the shade from the sun cool you, protect you, reach out and cover you.

Feel the breeze across your skin. Feel the warmth of summer embrace you.

Remind you.

Walk to the waters edge.

Watch the sunset.

Watch until the Earth has gone from pink to blue to purple to gold to the deepest blue no artist can quite match to nearly black.

Watch the until the stars come out. The birds quit. The nightlife come alive.

The song of toads in the marsh. The crickets filling the air. The cicadas. The night is far from quiet and yet the quiet blankets you in a calmness you…needed. So. Very. Needed.


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Author: akindofsinglelady

Read my about me on the page...tells you more than you wanted to know. But in the very short I am currently full time Traveling RV style through the United States. I went to adopt a dog and somehow came home with a cat. I do all of my own photography unless otherwise noted. And I drink a lot of coffee and write a little bit. Catch my stuff in words here or visually @ https://www.instagram.com/a_kind_of_single_lady/ if you want to get personal with my real life toe-stubbed rants you are more than welcome to be my friend here: https://www.facebook.com/peggyjordanajai.healddavenport Just shoot me a message how you found me.

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